1100 people
First year

iForum is organized by a group of enthusiasts to discuss important issues of the Internet future development. The conference included three main streams – Internet Business, Internet Advertising, Internet Technologies and the fourth additional – Web 2.0.


2500 people
4 streams

Second year

  • This is the most significant offline conference in Ukraine dedicated to the Internet;
  • This is a platform where people can share their ideas;
  • It reflects how the trends change and set directions for the future.

Three basic streams (Internet business, Internet advertising, Internet technologies) and one additional stream (WEB 2.0). More than 2500 people. 30% of participants were CEOs, more than 26% – project managers, about 20% – managers.


3743 participants
first iForum’s record

Third year

iForum gathered together a record number of people – 3743. The National Ukrainian Register of Records recognized iForum as the most extensive conference in Ukraine.
Over 12% of all the participants were from different regions. Most of all – from Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro.

In 2011, the Social Media stream replaced the Web 2.0 stream.
We started to provide a professional video recording of all the reports.


5576 participants
5 streams + Expozone

Fourth year

  • Over 70 speakers
  • Increased activity of Ukrainian companies, both industry giants, and beginners
  • The Expo zone appeared in a new format: with stands, presentations, competitions and other marketing actions from 35 companies
  • The new stream Startups
  • The new stream Mobile
  • iForum mobile app for Android and iOS, website.


7000 participants
2 new streams


The area of iForum more than doubled – from 6000 square meters (2012) to 16000 square meters (2013).

  • More than 50 companies
  • 40 stands in the expo area
  • The Social Media stream was merged into other sections
  • The new stream Games / Usability, E-commerce
  • The new English section of master classe


The most significant achievement-
the very fact of iForum itself


  • The conference took place during the period of military aggression and the most severe political and economic crisis, and illustrated the importance of IT for the civil society solidarity
  • The number of participants decreased by 2000, but still, the conference gathered 5000 people
  • 40 exhibiting companies
  • We held an exclusive stream IT and Maidan
  • 70+ speakers at the conference, among them – Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Pavlo Sheremeta


Volunteer projects
and City of the Future


  • The number of participants reached 6180 people
  • The number of companies in the Expo zone increased to 50
  • The new stream “IT-people save the world: volunteer projects”
  • The new English-language stream
  • The new zone “City of the Future”. There were 14 projects in it
  • 100+ speakers, among them – Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Eliav Belotsercovsky


7 streams
and 7000 people


  • The number of visitors reached the pre-crisis level – 7016 people
  • “City of the Future” attracted more than 20 projects
  • The new stream Education in the Information Age
  • We organized a reality show during iForum
  • Seven streams, 105+ speakers, more than 50 companies in the Expo zone


Three new streams
and more than 9000 people


  • iForum beats the record, again: the number of visitors is 9136 people
  • Ten streams, including three new: Innovations, CRM & Loyalty, Videoblogs and eSports
  • 30 projects in the “City of the Future”
  • 70 companies in the Expo zone
  • 120+ speakers at the conference, among them – US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch


The tenth anniversary iForum


  • This professional event was organized by volunteers and IT companies for tenth time in a row
  • 12,134 visitors came to the event — and that’s a new record!
  • More than 100 companies took part at the Expo zone
  • 9 streams and more than 170 speakers
  • There was the “City of the Future”, as a prototype of an “intelligent” city with innovative products that can be tested
  • New streams were: Blockchain, DigitalFUN
  • Final of the First Ukrainian Biomedical Startup Competition